About Us
Who We Are
We are the body charged with overseeing the implementation and compliance of elections procedures in the pursuit of upholding our vision and guiding principles.
Vision Statement
To maximize the opportunity for students to be involved in USC-governed elections at the University of Western Ontario, as candidates, voters and informed individuals.
Guiding Principles
  • To ensure fairness and democracy
  • To provide a manner of balloting that is efficient, effective, impartial and confidential
  • To increase student awareness as to the occurrence of student elections
  • To allow any student to be a candidate in an election, regardless of financial status
  • To raise the level of debate surrounding student issues
  • To protect the reputation of the University and the USC in the city and elsewhere

Meet The Team

Elections Governance Committee

Chief Returning Officer

Michelle Wang

Deputy Returning Officer

Nathan Szierer



Manager of Finance

Priyanka Singh



Manager of Marketing and Logistics

Emily Shearer

Manager of voter engagement

Josie Marshall

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Michelle Wang | Chief Returning Officer