President and vice president

Frank Ye


Jared Forman

Vice President

Generally, students know what the USC is; they see the banner in the UCC atrium and the face of the President around campus. However, students do not see what the USC can do for them. We want to change that. Through our community-based, bottom up approach, we want to bring the USC to each and every student and be a microphone for students to have their voice and unique experiences heard.

Facebook: Team ForYe

Instagram: @teamforye


Bardia Jalayer


Since first year, I have always have a love and passion for the Western Community. As a slate, we are eager to connect with diverse populations all across our campus, increase engagement in our initiatives and programming, and ensure advocacy is representative of the student body. Cat and I share a vision, and we are committed to furthering the USC mandate, representing the student voice, and making meaningful strides toward extending the Best Student Experience.

Catherine Dunne

Vice President

As a candidate for vice president, I am looking forward to connecting with as many students as possible throughout and beyond the election period. As associate vice president, former OUSA intern and a social science soph, I want to bring my combination of expertise in policy, lobbying and advocacy in order to affect change that matters to students on the ground, and commit to connecting with all students and representing their concerns every day.


arts and humanities

Jerika Caduhada

Hi! I’m Jerika, and I am thrilled to be running for AHSC President. I am in second-year working as AHSC’s Vice President Events. My focuses are on encouraging the growth of the A&H faculty and the professional careers of its students, enhancing student engagement with their representatives, and building an inclusive and supportive A&H community. My campaign is not a presentation but a conversation. Let me know your thoughts; I want to hear from you!

Sean Hashimoto

 What are the Arts and Humanities looking for? We need to change the shape of council and how it interacts with students. We want to feel secure about our degrees, to explore the doors open to us after the degree. We’re here because we realize that what we learn is entwined with our everyday experiences, because we know our voice on the USC is a valuable one. Let me guide you to a better A&H.




Kyra Balogh

After spending my first three years at Western on the FIMSSC I have experienced great personal growth, igniting a passion for leadership and all things FIMS. I am eager to apply this drive and experience to the FIMSSC – not only providing students with the foundations to be successful in FIMS, but also in their future endeavours. Let’s work together to prioritize creativity and individuality, expanding the FIMS community and supporting one another always.


Virgilio Manabat

My name is Virgilio Manabat, and I am a 2nd year Western Nursing student running to be your Western-Fanshawe Nursing Student Association (WFNSA) President in the 2019-2020 Academic year. With me, I guarantee leadership that listens and speaks only with your best interests in mind. By voting for me, you vote for your voice to be heard. 

Vivianne Quang

Hello! My name is Vivianne and I am running for President of the Western-Fanshawe Nursing Students’ Association. My past year as Vice President Collaborative Liaison has given me the opportunity to better understand the needs of students at both sites of this program. I am dedicated to hearing your voice and working in collaboration with you. Together, let’s improve nursing student life and create a welcoming learning environment! Thank you for your time and consideration.

Taylee Jackson

Hello, my name is Taylee Jackson. I am running for President of the WFNSA. This year, I’ve had the honour of being a Year 2 Representative and VP Charity. Next year, as your president, I would endeavour to strengthen the feeling of community and support among nursing students. I would also encourage more student input to ensure everyone has the best experience possible throughout their time in the program. Let’s make change together!

Facebook Page:


Leah MacDonald

Hello! My name is Leah MacDonald and I am a full time, third-year vocal performance student. I have been part of student council throughout my entire university experience. I’m thrilled to be running for music faculty President. I am passionate about music and I have a tremendous amount of faculty pride. If you’re interested in learning about my platform and getting to know me a little better check out:

paige Fitzpatrick

Hi! My name is Paige Fitzpatrick and I’m so excited to be running for your 2019-2020 Faculty of Music President. My platform encourages availability and accessibility of mental healt resources, a greater prescence of our faculty both on and off-campus, and consistent communication both internally within faculty council and on a campus-wide scope. Check out my facebook page for more information!


Hasan Ahmed

Hi, my name is Hasan Ahmed and I’m a third year Medical Sciences and Computer Science student. I’m currently the Finance Commissioner on the Science Students’ Council. I’m running to be your Science President for 2019/20 because I’ve seen the disconnect between SSC and everyone else. We need to empower students both in these four years, and the years following as well as change the way we engage with each other. Let’s be disruptive.



Victoria BARROSO

Hi there! I’m Victoria, a third year Biology student who’s always been passionate about Science Council and how it can support students. Through the prioritization of wellness and academic supports, I’m confident we can improve the student experience for all those studying Science at Western. I’ve addressed your concerns as a department representative, USC Councillor and OUSA delegate and would be honoured and humbled to represent you once more as your Science President.



Social science

Adrianna Wiley

Kindness, positivity, and generosity are all qualities necessary to the constructive functioning of our institutions. As a Department Representative, Adrianna consistently works to spread positivity. A passionate student advocate, she regularly calls for measures to support student wellness. She believes in considering multiple perspectives and taking a holistic approach to leadership, emphasizing and cultivating the diverse strengths and voices of Social Science students. 

Camellia Wong

Being surrounded by student leaders since first year, I have always been inspired to get involved in the Western Community. My passion for connectivity has introduced me to so many diverse communities across our campus. This year, I am so excited to have the opportunity to run for a position that allows me hear your voice, advocate for the issues that you care about, and change your student experience.

Nikol Kamenetsky

The overflowing pride I feel for our incredible council is not a temporary feeling – it is a permanent call to action.

As a current USC councillor, I will take on the presidential role with confidence – student concerns will be brought immediately to the forefront with no hesitation. If you’re reading this, I want you to know that I have your back – you are the driving force of the SSSC and my first priority. Always.



Chava Bychutsky

Hi! My experience on Student Council and within the Sophing community has developed my passion for advocacy and accessibility. I plan to work closely with the Faculty President to help you be more involved and comfortable reaching out to me with your concerns. My goal is to help strengthen the voices of Western’s Arts & Humanities’ students and community within the USC so that everyone feels equally represented.

Matei Colgiu


Artika Pahargarh

I have been on Western campus for less than a year and am already overflowing with #purplepride. From the time I stepped onto campus to this very moment, my time here has been nothing less than extraordinary. There is nothing more I want than to share this feeling with everyone else. I want to be the reason others can feel the way I do, I want to be part of something great.

Insta: @artika4usc #teamtiki

Bahar Entezari

Hey Western Science! I’m Bahar and I’m in my third year of IMS. I’m really excited to be running for Science Councillor this election season, and my platform focuses on increasing student engagement, improving financial transparency, and connecting science students to their respective department representatives. To learn more about my platform, feel free to reach out to me and check out my Facebook Page! 

FB page:

Faran Khalid

Hello everyone,

My name is Faran Khalid and this year I have the privilege to be running for the position of USC science councillor. Involved in a plethora of student activities at Western university within and outside the USC, I have a passion to increase student involvement and a drive to work towards the solution for student issues. Stay tuned for the official platform!

Happy election season!

Faran Khalid

Matthew Yee

Babafemi Adewusi

Hello everyone! My name is Babafemi (or Femi) Adewusi. I’m running to be your Science Councillor. With my passion for advocacy, I’ll bring students back into the foreground of student politics. Given the recent changes to the university’s tuition structure by the provincial government, it’s more important than ever for students be involved with their student government. We want transparency and engagement and I’m here to deliver it. Let me be your voice for change.

Muhammad Hassan Ali

As a USC Science Councillor, it would be my job ensure the that I represent the constituency’s interest to the best of my ability. But I don’t believe my responsibilities end there. Two additional goals that I have is to ensure the USC remains transparent and accessible to the students, and I will try my best to work towards better outreach between the USC and the general student population.

Jacky Lee

Greetings! I am Jacky Lee and I’m running to be your councillor to ensure the concerns of students are noticed. My three-pronged approach involves increasing the efficiency of USC and SSC operations, encouraging the use of evidence-based strategies to promote student well-being, and evaluating the efficacy of such implementations. Together, we will develop an action plan that puts students first.

URL Link:

Niveda Balananthan

Hello! I’m Niveda and I am currently a second year Medical Sciences student. As one of your USC Science Councillor candidates, I promise to represent your ideas while bringing my platform to life, which advocates for improved mental health resources, accessible course resources and increased student involvement! If you have any ideas, I’d love to chat anytime. Check out my FB campaign page below for more info!


Hello everyone! My name is Angheliki and I am thrilled to be campaigning for science USC counsellor. Having knowledge as an upper-year student, connections to multiple faculties as a current member of the AHSC, and experience with representing a student body as a department representative, I have the tools to best represent this faculty in 2019-2020. My campaign focuses on accessibility, transparency, and cooperation—aspects that once reformed will only improve our fantastic institution. 


Moeez Tahir

Chopel Shredup

Ahsas Nagee

social science

Zamir Fakirani

My name’s Zamir and I’m running with the aspiration of representing you as a Social Science Councillor. My platform is centred on upholding and improving the mental, environmental, and sexual wellness of all students in our Faculty. This would include advocating for greater leniency from academic counselling, for reduced paper waste in assessment submissions, and for stronger sexual violence prevention measures. I’d love the opportunity to chat about my ideas further.

E-mail me at!

Leo Xu

Hello there! I’m Leo, your councillor candidate for social science, and a believer that your voice matters. I’m your advocate to uphold accessibility and effectiveness of USC, support student success, and cultivate accessible campus services. I’m your representative serving in the USC for student advocacy. I’m your fighter with experience voicing student concerns with the RCMP, WE, and the London MP Youth Council. Every student and vote matters, let’s chat about what matters to you.

Facebook campaign page URL:

Celine Mano

Hello! I’m Celine, and I love being involved in causes I truly care about – from the SSSC, to volunteering with a women’s shelter and hopefully working with the USC as well. As a first year, I am aware of the challenges new students face. I plan to discuss ways to streamline access to mental health services, fostering smooth transitions for incoming students, and helping uplift women at Western. Let’s talk! I’ll bring the chai.

Darlene Seong

Through the unique strengths each person possess, we all have the power to bridge different communities together and be unified under one voice for great change.

My name is Darlene Seong, and I’m running to be USC Councillor, representing the Faculty of Social Science. Through my passions for business, love for student empowerment and drive for equality, I hope to be a reliable voice for the Social Science students of 2019-2020.a

United strong, #VOTESEONG

Vishal Vijay

Hey Western!

My name is Vishal Vijay. I am a first-year student in Economics, living at Ontario Hall, and I hope to win your Vote for USC Social Science Councillor for 2018-2019.

During my time on Social Science Student Council (First Year Rep), I was inspired to strengthen the Western community and bring you the #1 Student Experience, under one unified Voice!

On Feb 4-5, VOTE VIJAY.

Feel free to DM me (IG @itsvishalvijay).

Anthony Berg

Facebook Page:

I am running to be your USC Councillor because I want to advocate for my fellow students.  I love taking my peers’ thoughts and turning them into actions and change.  My experiences on USC Charity and Social Science Students’ Council throughout my first year at Western have shown me the positive impact student leaders can have on Western, so I am very excited by this opportunity to take on a leadership role with the USC.

Anne Campbell

Anne is a second year Political Science student and current USC Councillor. She is a proud Soph and Active Minds Executive. Anne’s top priorities include a strong emphasis on an inclusive Western culture, a prioritization of mental health and ensuring that Social Science students have the platform to voice their opinions and concerns regarding the Western student experience. Anne looks forward to running again in order to ensure that Councillors continue to make tangible change.

Niyonella Kamera

Hello! I’m Niyonella Kamera, a first-year student in Social Science with a profound passion for advocacy and representation.

I believe the Faculty of Social Science needs councillors who have a desire to uplift the voices of all students, councillors who are committed to improving Western’s student experience, and councillors who will strive to connect all students to the USC. As one of your USC councillors, I promise that I will be committed to representing you.


Hi! My name is Matt Reesor and I am a third year Political Science student. I am running to be one of your Social Science USC Councilors this year because I want to be your voice. I want to ensure that the USC is truly acting on behalf of the students’ needs/desires, and it is my goal for next year to show a greater number of students what the USC can do/is doing for you.

Glen Hebert


I’m Glen Hebert – a first year mos student. This year I’ve been a First Year Representative on Social Science Students’ Council and have fell in love with serving our great faculty. Next year, I’d like to represent your interests on the University Students’ Council – join me in fostering a university community that has students’ voice at its centre.

Feel free to contact me at or by adding me on facebook!

Liam Cronin

My name is Liam Cronin and I am excited to be running for the position of University Student Councillor. I am extremely passionate about the Western community, which has driven me towards this position. I plan to prioritize issues such as mental health, student engagement, and creating a safe and inclusive campus. I want to help build a better community with a focus on ensuring student success!

Jayden Sohal

Akmilesh Prasad


Keenan Clarke