Presidential Candidates

Matt Reesor

Western has truly been my home away from home for the last three and a half years. Between all the amazing students I’ve met, to all the things I’ve learned, what made this place home for me was my student experience. Over the next two weeks, I am beyond excited to meet YOU and discuss how the USC will be able to provide you with what you need to have your best student experience possible.



Facebook: Vote Reesor

Instagram: @votereesor



Aleesha Rehill

Hello Western, Huron, Brescia, and King’s,

My name is Aleesha Rehill and I am running to be your USC President! Through my previous experience, I have developed an interest in advocating for changes that represent the needs of our ever-changing student body. I look forward to meeting you all soon and discussing why I am committed to advocating for you next year.

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Instagram: @rehillforpresident

Victoria barroso

As a Presidential candidate, I am eager to share a vision for a USC that reflects and advocates for the student population it represents by facilitating conversation and building community throughout Western. As a faculty president and two-time councillor, I want to use my experiences and passion for the USC represent the student voice and have difficult conversations in order to drive meaningful change and make our student experience the best in Canada.






I’m Keenen and I’m extremely excited to be running for the USC Presidency this year! My platform is a S.M.A.R.T acronym that focuses on 7 Things – Support, Mental Health, Affiliates & Advocacy, Reliability & Review, and Transparency. There are many pressing issues that I believe require our attention at Western University. Together, I believe that our diverse and talented community can work together to provide our campus with the best student experience! Thanks

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VICE-Presidential Candidates

VP External Affairs

Mackenzy Metcalfe 

Hello Western! 

I am beyond excited to meet with you and discuss the future of external advocacy at the University Students’ Council!

My vision as Vice President of External Affairs includes ensuring that we incorporate the values that make Western so powerful, unique, and inclusive in our advocacy approach. I want to ensure that students know that the USC is working on their behalf. As Vice President External Affairs, I will incorporate ideas of inclusivity, tolerance, and accessibility in our advocacy approach, focusing on consultation and student voices.



Facebook: Mackenzy Metcalfe


VP University Affairs

Victoria barroso 

Hey Western!

I’m Victoria, a fourth year Science student who’s always been passionate about the USC and how it can support students. Through the prioritization of sustainability, mental health, academics, transparency, equity, safety and accessibility I’m confident we can improve the student experience for all main campus, affiliate and professional students at Western. I have experience advocating on behalf of students as a Faculty President, USC Councillor and OUSA Delegate and would be honoured and humbled to represent you as your next Vice-President University Affairs.



Instagram: @victoriaforvpua

Laura Bot 

Throughout my four years at Western I have worked in residence and my faculty to improve student life for my peers. I’m running for VP University Affairs because I want to use this opportunity to ensure that Western can become home to any student who sets foot on this campus. Currently, I am currently a Social Science Senator and lead the working group which seeks to implement an earlier mandatory grade release date.

Facebook page: @BotforVP



Grace young

I have always been inspired by the passion Western’s students have for change. It reaches across campus in so many ways. I am excited to share my vision for campus advocacy and growth with all of you. The USC is an incredible organization with the potential to work with students to foster a space for growth as a student community. There are so many brilliant minds that should be given a platform to showcase the work already being done. 

Instagram: @votegraceyoung




arts and humanities

Ray Reid

Hello there!

My name is Ray and I wish to represent you as the AHSC President because frankly, I see a lot of unused potential! More than ever we need a strong, engaged faculty to preserve our quality of education and create vital connections for our post-Western careers. I want nothing more than to provide students opportunities to engage with each other and forge a faculty proud, creatively focused community. Let’s start the conversation today!

Health Sciences

Sebastian Deagle

Hey there, I’m Sebastian!

Having served on FHSSC throughout my three years at Western—most recently as VP Finance—I recognize and deeply value the trust that students place in FHSSC. I would be honoured to carry the torch of past and present Councils; I hope to continue identifying research opportunities for students, increase student engagement, and enhance collaboration between FHSSC and the Kinesiology, Health Studies, and Nursing Associations. Thank you for your consideration!


Claire Marshall

Hello Everyone!

My name is Claire Marshall, and I am running for Faculty of Health Science Student Council President!

I would not have entered this election if I did not believe I could help build and improve this extraordinary faculty, and I am committed to maintaining my word on that! Ultimately, I’m driven to bringing about crucial change and empowering students.   

Thank you all so much, I cannot wait to represent you all next year! 


NURSING Association

Erika Juhasz


Kinesiology Association

Kara Godkin


I’m Kara and I am running to represent you as the President of Western’s Kinesiology Student’s Association. My platform focuses on expanding the support resources available for students’ mental health and wellness, as well as providing more opportunities for students to learn about post graduate education and career options for kinesiology graduates.


Katherine Bennett

Hi! My name is Katie – I’m third year MIT student who has always been passionate about FIMSSC.  I have worked within the FIMS community since first year, including roles such as Vice

 President Academic and Outreach Facilitator. I would be honoured to use my leadership experience and passion for FIMS to represent you once more as your FIMSSC President. Let’s work together to focus on collaboration, connection, and support for the FIMS community.


Kristen Le

Effective response requires accurate representation. My dynamic experiences across FIMS and the USC have given me the confidence and the nuanced perspectives needed for responding to and voicing the needs of students. My platform focuses on the importance of going beyond the status-quo; depolarizing the student leadership circle, placing a heavier focus on student wellness and opportunity. My goal is to create a community that initiates an agenda that speaks to all demographics of students.

Victoria Giguere


Lara Plokhaar


My name is Lara and I am so excited to be running for Music President! I am a third-year Bachelor of Arts student with specialization in music. I am passionate about music and the welfare of all students. To learn about my platform click the link below!






Vakkachen Joe

HI! My name is Vak, I am currently Science Senator and have been part of Science Students’ Council every year I’ve been at Western! I want to be your Science faculty president because I am an extremely passionate, dedicated, and motivated individual who is ready and willing to stand up and advocate for Science and Schulich students and hopefully, you want me to do that too:)

Check me out @vak.joe on Instagram


Teo Marginean

Science has been my home for the last three years and the sci pride I feel is ever-growing.

As a science soph, SSC Advocacy Commissioner, Gender Equality Network Coordinator, and former USC councillor, I would be thrilled to bring my experience to this role. I want to connect with students one-on-one and work together on matters I’m committed to: wellness, diversity, clubs, Orientation, academic support, and more. I’m here for you and I hear you.


Instagram: teoforsci2020

FB: (or search Teo Marginean for Science President!)

Social science

Zamir Fakirani

As your current Chief-of-Staff, I have seen the immeasurable potential a mobilized Council has to conduct robust advocacy. Unfortunately, the Council far too often does not prioritize addressing social justice, sustainability, accessibility, or affordability. This is why I am committed to the SSSC presidency. With me in office, you can be certain that your voices will be amplified and the issues that matter you to will be addressed.   

Find out more at or @whyzamir


Jack Kenny

Hey guys I’m Jack! Originally from Newfoundland, I’m running for SSSC President on basic principles; I will be dependable and accessible, ensuring dignified and accurate representation. Secondly, I will ensure I’m constantly approachable and available to you! Finally, I will be responsible, whether this centers diversity, accessibility or economic/environmental sustainability. I make no promises but I will keep steadfast in my words that if elected, I’ll will constantly advocate for the betterment of You. 

Campaign link:





Eva Alie

Hello all!

It is my distinct honour and privilege to be running for the position of Arts Councillor for the 2020-21 USC. As a SASAH, French, and Anthropology major highly involved in the AHSC and greater Arts community, I am passionate about representing and advocating for the needs of the students within the faculty with a focus on sexual violence prevention programming, Indigenous reconciliation, linguistic accessibility on campus and environmental sustainability.

Robert belanger-polak


I’m Robert Belanger Polak, a third year Philosophy student with an additional interest in Computer Science. I’m running to create positive change in the Arts and Humanities faculty through increased programming for A&H students, increased USC funding and support for Arts and Humanities focused clubs, and more information about the careers that an Arts and Humanities related degree can lead you toward. I’m asking for your vote to move our faculty forward!


Health STUDIES Association

Kris Tom

Hey Western!!  

My name is Kris Tom and I am a First year Health Studies student hoping to have the honour of representing you as your Health Sciences Councillor. I am a hard-working and experienced student advocate who will work to ensure that your voice is always heard. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any specific questions or if you just simply want to get to know me before you vote.   

Breanna Samuels


I’m Breanna and I’m so excited to run to be your Health Sciences Councillor. This role is integral to ensuring our student experience adheres to the high standard Western embodies, and I intend to continue that sentiment. As my platform focuses on increasing student involvement in the FHSSC and USC, undergraduate work opportunities in the field, and awareness surrounding newly implemented Senate policy, I am confident that electing me will produce Faculty-wide positive change.


Issmam Halim


My name is Issmam Halim and I am a second-year Health Sciences student. I think everyone can agree that Western University is the best university in all of Canada. Our university’s commitment to academics and student experience is unrivaled, but as always, there some room for improvement! This is why I think I will be a great candidate for the USC council. Check out my website to learn more.



Chris Ruffell

Improved presence, advocacy, support, and revitalization of events were key markers for the success of the Health Studies Students’ Association this year. Through the introduction of new events tailored to students’ interests and the integration of our association into student life from the start of O-week, I believe these milestones were not only met, but surpassed. If re-elected, I promise to continue the positive trend that I helped foster this year as president.

Peter Boussoulas

The missing link.

My name is Peter Boussoulas, and I can be that link. I’m an outspoken second-year student running to be your Health Studies Councillor. I’ve shared your experiences for almost two years, so I know the challenges students face. Health Studies and USC needs to be linked by a leader passionate enough to advocate for your needs. With your help, we can make change happen!


Nursing Association

Antonio Beltran


Kinesiology Association

Hannah Min

What do boba and corgis have in common? Nothing, but I did get your attention.  

My name is Hannah Min and little did you know this 5’2 girl has BIG ideas. I’m in first year running as your USC Kinesiology councillor. Although I’m small in stature, I’ll make sure your concerns and suggestions are heard. 

Want to have a conversation about dogs, boba, or anything in general? Feel free to DM on IG: @hnhkmn

Het Mehta

Hey Western!

 I’m Het Mehta, a passionate third year student given an amazing opportunity to be the voice of the students in the best program on campus! In honor of representing you as your potential USC Kinesiology councillor, my platform evolves around YOU and YOUR ideas! Together we can achieve great things to enhance the student experience! Email me at or message me on Instagram @hetmehta4 with any questions. Vote HETMEHTA, on Feb 3-4.

Elias Boussoulas

Hello, my name is Elias!

I’ll put it simply — I want to advocate for Kinesiology students at the level at which great change is possible. As your potential Kinesiology Councillor, your suggestions, ideas, and concerns are what will guide my actions. My goal is to improve YOUR student experience, and I need YOUR help to do that!

If you want to learn more about me, message me on Instagram @elias.boussoulas or find me on Facebook!

Ziyaana Kabani

Hey Western!

I’m Ziyaana Kabani, a third year Kinesiology student running to be your USC Kin Councillor! I’m super excited to advocate for you and hear about any of your ideas and concerns! Feel free to shoot me a message or email anytime! #kabani4kin



Kennedy barkhouse

Hey Western! I’m Kennedy Barkhouse, a third-year student in Genetics. I’m thrilled by the opportunity this election presents to advocate for the Faculty of Science on the USC. Inspired immensely by student leaders on campus and the positive changes they’ve implemented, I wish to do the same. Running on a platform focusing on resource education, student engagement, and advocacy, I will drive innovative change for our faculty and school, in the issues that matter most.



Jacky Lee

To whom it may concern,

Hello! I’m Jacky Lee and I am running for councillor to represent the voices of students. Over the past year, the USC has taken great strides towards improving student well-being. My goal is to develop a long-term strategic framework to engage students across the faculty. Together, we can build a future that matters! 

URL Link:

Shanika Mahakul


I’m Shanika Mahakul, a third year student studying Environmental Science and I am super excited to be running as your next USC Science Councillor. My experience here at Western has been phenomenal and it’s something I want to give all science students the opportunity to have as well. By encouraging honest conversations, I will use my platform to show students the power of student government, and be a voice for the faculty of science.

Katie brown

Hey Western!

I’m Katie, an Integrated Science student specializing in Astrophysics. Science is my love, leadership is my passion, and enriching your student experience is my goal. I have years of experience in student advocacy, and spent this year on the Science Students’ Council representing and supporting our first year science students. If elected, I would focus on ensuring that your diverse needs, experiences and ideas are reflected in USC policies and initiatives. 

Saim naeem

My name is Saim Naeem, and I am running to be a Councillor for the Faculty of Science. I’ll bring more of a variety of events around campus for everyone, and I’ll get Coke in the water fountains at Nat Sci, none of that President Choice stuff. It would be my honour to represent you in the USC. This is the point where I make a chemistry joke, but all the good ones Argon.

Faran Khalid

Hello everyone,

My name is Faran Khalid and this year I have the privilege to be running for the position of USC science councillor. Involved in a plethora of student activities at Western university within and outside the USC, I have a passion to increase student involvement and a drive to work towards the solution for student issues. Stay tuned for the official platform!

Anson Chow

Hey Western!

I’m Anson Chow, a first-year student in Medical science. Coming into university, I didn’t know if I was going to fit in but it was my mentors, friends and student leaders who made my experience much more enjoyable. I wish to do the same. I am running on a platform that focuses on student experiences, transparency and opportunities. If you believe what I believe, let me drive change to the problems that matter to us most.


Ethan Biswurm

Hello there Western!
My name is Ethan Biswurm, a second year student in Computer Science. And when I’m not busy stuck behind a computer I love working to improve student life on campus. From basic events, to eliminating redundant and outdated procedures, I aim to effectively create change with impact that will last. With a platform centered around USC transparency, mental health resource accessibility, and student involvement I know we can achieve this together.


Shayli Aghababazadeh

Hey Western! 
I’m Shayli, a first year Medical Science student eager to be your voice as a USC Science Councillor. I want to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to be immersed into the wonderful university culture. I aspire to create accessible mental health resources, promote inclusiveness and make Western a more sustainable school. If elected, I will use my platform to shine light on matters that are crucial for enhancing student experience.

social science

Savannah Mastronardi

Hello! My name is Savannah and my goal is to represent students of the biggest and baddest faculty on campus, Social Science! As a candidate, it is my hope to connect with as many students as possible throughout and beyond this year’s election period. My platform is focused on prioritizing a safe and healthy campus for students, and ensure that students have a platform to voice their opinions on topics they feel impact Western University.  

Feel free to email me at: 

Ali Malik

Hi! My name is Ali and I am a first-year student studying History with the hope of representing you as a Social Science Councillor. My platform is focused on developing sustainable practices, building campus safety and improving mental wellness efforts for all students in our Faculty. I would be extremely happy to discuss my ideas further with you, after all, I want to be your voice!

E-mail me at or visit!

Ido Feldman

Hey! My name is Ido, and I want to be your voice, representing all Social Science students in the Western community. As a councilor, I will represent your interests and listen to your needs.

By maintaining an open line of communication, I will promote inclusivity for all, a more eco-friendly campus, and will work hard to ensure that you will have the best experience possible. On Feb 3 & 4, vote FELDMAN.


Nikol Kamenetsky

As Social Science President this year, it has been so, so rewarding getting to know the priorities of our faculty. Continuing my involvement as Councillor, rest assured that my dedication to social science will remain as strong as ever. Over my term, I will: Fill our office shelves with more textbooks for the FREE textbook library, run how-to workshops running campaigns in advance of next year’s election, and create campus wide conversation for first-gen students.

Katie Campbell

My name is Katie Campbell and I am a first-year student in Political Science. As a Social Science Councillor, I will work hard to advocate for the opinions and concerns of the faculty. Being on council involves being an ally, liaison and friend who helps students feel empowered and supported. My priorities include working to ensure Western is an inclusive environment that prioritizes the mental health of students.


Voting Campbell is Never a Gamble

Jessica Omorodion

Hi, my name is Jessica “Jess” Omorodion and I am running to be your next Social Science Councillor because I believe I have both the passion and experience to improve both the student experience and academic policy for Western undergraduate students. Throughout my time at Western, I have been both a Residence and Faculty Soph, gotten involved with SSSC, and I am the current President of the Sociology Student Association.

Email me:


Augustine Mendes

Andy (Yantian) Zhai

Nika Bajaj

Hey Western, 

I’m Nika Bajaj and I am first-year political science student, living in Delaware Hall. I’m very excited to announce that I’m running as a USC Councillor in hopes of representing you and amplifying your voice. Through my time as a Student Trustee, along with a First Year Representative on Social Science Council I have seen the profound impact student voice and leadership can have. 


To learn about my platform:

Email me:

Kiersten Williams